An earth friendly 21st century  business.

There is far more to being environmentally and healthy living conscious than not having solid wood or natural log furniture. Lakeland Mills understands that our environment is extremely important. For our children, your children and all future generations, sustainable innovations are alive and well here. The truth is that when it comes to manufacturing furniture and garden products, wood is one of the best choices for health quality and environmental sustainability.

  • Wood does not emit toxins like petroleum based plastic.
  • Our wood trellises will not get hot and burn plants, like metal trellises can.
  • Wood does not get hot or tarnish like metal furniture.
  • Wood naturally decomposes back into nature where it started.
  • Northern White Cedar maintains its durability for years.
  • Unlike metal, resin and plastic – wood looks great aged!

Natural resistance to insects and decay.

There is a reason that cedar is the preferred animal bedding. As log furniture, Northern White Cedar is an excellent choice for its resilience to the two predators of outdoor furniture. We choose this particular wood at Lakeland Mills for these reasons and cost effective manufacturing, with most of our material purchased here in Michigan.

By purchasing the bulk of our supplies in the same state as our production facility, we also make a great stride in reducing our use of fossil fuels, our carbon footprint as manufacturers and the cost of our products. Keeping our consumption down is one way we can keep pricing in a range that make our furniture affordable.

We promote forest preservation.

Unlike mainstream furniture manufacturers, we use what the log home industry leaves behind to rot. There is a purpose for everything under heaven and here we use every part of the tree tops they discard in the forest. The log pieces that cannot be used in our various furniture designs are used to fire our kiln and supplement the heat in our manufacturing plant. This is what our pioneer forefathers did; make use of every bit of available resources and let nothing go to waste.

Lakeland Mills continues the tradition in reducing our carbon footprint, while creating beautiful log furniture without waste products. Other ways we promote healthy living for society and the Earth:

  • Our furniture is also available with a finish that is water based. It contains no lead, and is non hazardous.
  • Furniture cartons are made of recycled material.
  • We have reduced our landfill waste by over 75% by establishing a recycling program. We also encourage our employees to participate in this program by bringing recyclables from home.
  • We have implemented soft starts which reduces our energy consumption.

Affordable products made in the USA.

Lakeland Mills takes great pride in offering high quality products that are made right here in the United States and at a cost our customers can afford. We provide steady jobs in a small community situated hours from large cities. Such a feat is possible, when you put your heart and effort into it.

Purchasing quality indoor and outdoor solid wood furniture that has little environmental impact is what Lakeland Mills is all about. You don’t have to give up beauty or quality to preserve natural resources and get the most value from the money you earn.