Every long established company has a story to tell.

At Lakeland Mills, the tale begins about a century ago. The mill has supported log furniture craftsmen and their families in two Michigan Heartland towns for several generations. A lot has changed over the years, but not our penchant for innovations and quality products. We never lost sight of the crucial value of taking care of the natural environment or our customers. Lakeland Mills sees these components as our past, today and our future.

A lot has happened in the world since Lakeland Mills was founded in 1923. As a company founded on pride of workmanship in products produced with great style at the lowest prices possible, we have managed to continue the tradition for over 80 years. Such an accomplishment requires:

  • Many long term, dedicated employees.
  • Steady planned growth through goals met year after year.
  • Consistent product quality, design and operating innovation.
  • Generations of employees proud of the company and their work.
  • Constant vigilance to maintain high quality at the lowest cost possible.
  • Superior customer care and interactive contact.

We’ve come a long way in 80 years.

It was a rather humble Holly, Michigan startup back in the 20’s. In 1991, three long time employees purchased the company from the original owners and moved operations to a larger, modern plant in Edmore, Michigan. The new 113,000 square foot plant allows for the rapid growth Lakeland Mills has experienced under the current ownership.

Where we are today is proof that sometimes a complete shakeup – a new sense of direction so to speak, can be exactly what is needed to bring new life to a long established business.

We attribute our success to many things besides the pride in quality and style each of us takes in our daily tasks. Everyone at Lakeland Mills knows our achievements are also due to our established credibility with customers and financial partners.

Lakeland Mills is a Green Company.

All of us here are responsible global citizens, as concerned for the future of the planet as anyone is. We understand the importance of a healthy environment for both yours and our children and grandchildren and their futures. No forests are thinned or leveled to procure the natural wood that goes into any piece of our log furniture. To learn more about how we reduce our carbon footprint as a business and work hard to make the most of our natural resources, visit our Green Company page.

Lifestyle and décor savvy carries us into the future.

Keeping up with consumer tastes is an important part of any furniture manufacturer’s success. We haven’t lost sight of that either. Lakeland Mills constantly continues to improve, redesign and develop our style lines. We don’t stop until we are confident we offer the most sought after log furniture designs every season.

Quality and satisfaction guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter if we’re shipping to a retail customer or one of our retail vendors, great care is taken with shipment packaging. To ensure perfect delivery conditions of Lakeland Mills log furniture, everything is wrapped securely in heavy-duty cardboard cartons. Then there is our insistence that all customers have a real live person is available for assistance more than 40 hours a week.

Extraordinary customer care.

Nothing is more irritating than trying to get replacement parts, answers to questions or assistance in assembly than telephony! We attribute a portion of Lakeland Mills remarkable success to our daily availability for consumer contact. We fully believe this has given us the edge in understanding what homeowners want. We regularly welcome feedback and poll customer opinions. You might say Lakeland Mills was using social media before it was invented. That’s innovation at work