Outdoor Log Furniture Finishes

We recommend that you use a quality penetrating oil finish that has UV inhibitors.

Should any graying occur, you can wash with warm soapy bleach water. Manufacturer’s suggested solution is:

  • 1 gallon water to 1 cup bleach  
  • Add a squeeze of dish soap 
  • Reapply penetrating oil finish as needed 

If you have any further questions about exterior finishes on Lakeland Mills log furniture – contact our customer service department. We are located in Eastern Standard Time.

  • Monday – Thursday 8am to 5pm  
  • Friday 8 am to Noon 
  • Customer Service: (800) 427-5136

Indoor Log Furniture Finishes

Your new log furniture from Lakeland mills can be stained or left natural. To prolong the life of the furniture, we do suggest staining or a high quality wood preservative. You don’t have to wait to apply a finish to the furniture. Its ready to become whatever you want it to be upon arrival.

Choosing a Finish

Wood stain products come in many colors. Most local paint counters will have a sample board of stain on different woods available. Still, we recommend that you test any stain in an inconspicuous spot on your new log furniture before you begin. Dye lots and actual wood grain create different effects you might not see at the paint store.

How to Prepare your Furniture

Preparation is crucial when using stains on wood furniture. It is important that wood is dry and clean when it is stained.

  • Sand your furniture with a palm sander or by hand with 150 grit or finer sandpaper.
  • Be sure to sand with the grain of the wood.
  • Remove dust with a lint free cloth or a clean paint brush.
  • Note that the tapered ends of the furniture are rougher and may require more sanding.
  • Be sure to cover all surrounding surfaces or items before applying wood stains. Note the word stain!
  • Be sure you have adequate ventilation.
  • Only apply stain to furniture when temperature is at label recommended levels.

Applying a Finish

For best results, you will want to approach this project in the same manner as a fine furniture maker. You will want to have the same finish appear on all moving parts. Always separate parts of the furniture from the whole. For example – remove any dresser drawers and removable shelves.

Apply finish as directed on manufacturer’s label.

A clear coat may be added after stain has dried. Clear coats are available in flat, luster, semi gloss and high gloss surfaces – so be sure to consult details on the label. This enables you to get the right surface effect to suit your taste and preserve your log furniture according to your personal use demands for each individual piece.