The craftsmen and support staff here at Lakeland Mills are far more than just co-workers in a furniture mill. Everyone who devotes their work week to creating our unique rustic and log furniture products truly loves their jobs. Each of them know just how important they are to the end result, and take great pride in making every piece the best it can be.

You’ll find that there are second and third generation employees of the company you know today as Lakeland Mills. This isn’t because of enticing retirement plans and benefits one might expect draws families to be employed with major corporations. Its the sense of achievement that pervails throughout the facility, the friendly atmosphere, the sincere caring that everyone puts into their jobs and the team spirit.

We’re all great friends here, from the management down to every on-the-line and warehouse worker. We feel more like a big family than co-workers, and it shows in the support we give each other and the care that goes into creating our rustic decor products.

The current staff of craftsmen and everyone else involved in keeping Lakeland Mills hummig along in top quality production is introduced below.

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