Cedar Looks Harvest Family Dining Table

Cedar Looks Harvest Family Dining Table


SKU: 020021D

UPC: 00214-5

Cedar Looks Log Tables

What better compliment for indoor dining than with our Cedar Looks Harvest Family Dining Table.  This table is heavy duty and built to last.  Made from Northern White Cedar, which is the natural choice for indoor dining.  

The cedar planks are sanded smooth for maximum comfort and with long-lasting good looks, this picnic table won’t leave splinters.  When left untreated, the creamy natural color will weather gracefully to a silvery grey.
We stand behind our products with our customer service representatives. They are knowledgeable of the products, and available to help with questions on assembly, quality, finishing, or any concerns a customer may have. We also have replacement parts available for any issues. Weather damaged in shipping, a storm, even animal damage, we are here to help. Our hardware used for assembly is heavy duty and coated to protect it from the weather. Complete instructions, with pictures, make assembly easy.


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