Cedar Log 5ft Yard Swing

Cedar Log 5ft Yard Swing


SKU: CF1128

UPC: 729331002834

American made cedar log yard swings

Our log swings are made from Northern White Cedar, which is naturally resistant to decay and insects. Imported swings made from Chinese Fir, are not as strong and durable as swings made from cedar. Chinese Fir is also not resistant to rot and insect infestation. A Lakeland Mills cedar log swing can last between 10-20 years, while a swing made from Chinese Fir may last only 1-3 years. Left untreated, a cedar log swing will weather to a silvery grey, adding to its rustic beauty and charm.

The comfort of a Lakeland Mills swing is astounding. Once you sit in one of our products with its specially designed contoured seat slats, you will be amazed. The slats are cut from logs, and processed to contour the shape and round the ends, creating the most comfortable seating area. Therefore, our customers can save money by not having to buy cushions. Our swings are attached to the A-frame using stabilizing logs.  To ensure that the swing stays at the perfect tilt for maximum comfort and safety, stabilizing bars are put into place to prevent the swing from flipping backwards should children swing too hard.

Our swings are shipped boxed and partially assembled. Stores can set up a display, saving space by leaving the remainder of swings in boxes. This will make transporting easier for customers. Stores can also offer assembly options for an extra charge. Lakeland Mills products are warranted, and offers excellent customer service; to its vendors and their customers.

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